Upgrade your live by setting on  for unique journeys in the holy land

More than the site seeing we would find the your way to get you to higher & deeper levels

Using the amazing places and ancient wisdom to

ü  find your destiny in life

ü  follow the 10 commandments for success

ü  get better relationships


ü  Overcome obstacles in life

ü  7 steps plan for wealth & happiness

Making this trip a pilgrimage to your soul

Your journey can be private, family or group

By leading agenda like: Christian, Jewish, historic, spiritual,  adventure, actual  issues

You will find there is peace in Israel and it goes daily between Jewish, Muslim, and Christians that leave side by side

We hope that leaders will catchup meanwhile people are living and dreaming together.

Special 3 days desert quest – to come back with a clear vision and lot of joy

Just like Abraham, Moses, king David and Jesus did. More info click here

Ophir is guiding senior guests by the state of Israel, companies, universities

Private or group you will remember this days, at the best way, for life

Below there some options for mind set

Contact us to build the best Journey by your wish

Follow the news tours

Let’s see firsthand, what it’s all about

All secrets  are reviled we will get to the borders, climb the Temple mount

And meet with Palestinians, Israelis,  Soldiers and local leaders

Follow the biblical giants

The actual places where it all happened

Abraham in the desert, Jesus, king Saul, David & Solomon

The prophets Elijah & Samuel and more at the authentic spots