3 Day Desert Quest

Reservation is “the best way …”

3 days of incredible desert journey for personal & professional success.


If you want to find your destiny and your unique and practical way to use it for more money, fulfillment, health, joy, love and peace.

This journey for you.

In three days we will get exciting practical tools for realizing your goals by a combination of content, exercises, discussions and writing a vision and a way to open and allowing nature

Great leaders came from the desert – and now it’s your turn.

Who is it good for?

You – you have reached another crossroads in life. You want to get better and know that you deserve. And all this should now focus designation and creating through – that will bring you happiness continuously and consistently

The way

During three intensive days aimed at your success. You will receive practical tools that you can apply on the day of the workshop, and create positive momentum for the entire year.

+ Personal support to implement the way. the promotion of your success is important to us. We want you to have a method and a foolproof way for realizing your goals.

Let’s find out everything:

  • Self-esteem and excellence values
  • o taking responsibility for goal setting and attainment
  • o Communication builds Crisis Management
  • o Career whole love relationship

Journey targets

  • come out with a clear and practical and specific goals for the new year
  • recognize proven methods for dealing with crises
  • be more focused and earn more money and time
  • You will manage the responsibility and joy to your life
  • your practical tools to achieve any ambition

Details of the stages of the journey

Our tools:

Value: Self-esteem values superior value

Practice: setting goals and perseverance walking Crisis Management

The result “the best way …”

  1. Enjoy every day
  2. Expect the best to come
  3. Be the best you can at all fields

The magic circle, that leads you to personal and business success.


Our teachers: wolves and leopards, Abraham, rescues, survival technics, trees, David King and more

We share all proven methods of good conduct that each participant get content format that can be replicate tor solid career success, love, health, happiness, prosperity, peace and peace with himself and his surroundings.

Moderator heads: Ophir Akiva- guide to fulfillment, Survival Guide, an academic, a rescue officer

Journey itinerary

Day 1

  • Early morning departure from Tel Aviv
  • at Sde Boker – welcome session, get equipment and enter the desert
  • Workshop combines walking, exercises and content has territory targeting GSM team building and outlines action, crisis management for success
  • Towards sunset arrival to camp overnight parking
  • preparing and eating dinner.
  • night Exercise
  • End crystallized around the campfire

Day 2

  • Up at sunrise time
  • climbing the highest peak in the area. with teamwork, perseverance and the right management reach all over with joy and peace
  • A combination of desert survival drills and knowledge for target focus and achieving results. Overcoming life challenges.

find the way to a hidden spring

  • Personal navigation to the camp while collecting tools path
  • Summary Day
  • Dinner
  • campfire and singing around the campfire

Day 3

  • The actual vision writing and your steps for next level.
  • Presentation of the dream and vision connection
  • Lion of Judah – strengthening the way and the spirit
  • a good meal
  • Summary of motivation and focus with pleasure


“The best way …”


Workshop theme: connecting people, nature and the Bible, and obtaining practical tools for individual and group success.

Assisted genius of nature, animal behavior, survival space and rescues to learn how our way to get the best for us in many areas of life – career, love, crisis management, and to live in peace with ourselves and our environment, according to the Value and how developed by Ophir Akiva.


Way: Integration of Nature Trail, engaging content and exercises to develop leadership capacity value and quality.

We will content such as:

  • Dealing with Challenges
  • North and conscience
  • Psychology of Survival, creative thinking / fixes
  • predators and prey, snakes and dealing with our fears
  • Choice of security and peace, cooperation, rescues
  • orientation and mapping opportunities, self-control and more ..
  • learn the proper management of our resources while observing the behavior of flora and fauna – power in living and conducted like a lion and like a hunted animal!

You can focus on your content as needed leadership, constructive communication, values, setting and achieving goals, excellence, personal responsibility and more …


Analysis and Conclusion: Compound Area will gather to target practical ways to implement in our lives. From motivation to action.


During three intensive days aimed at your success. You will receive practical tools that you can apply to create positive momentum for the entire year. This could be your breakthrough year !!


What I earn? More strength – economic and personal evaluation, results focus, health …

Important things to know

  1. All activities are insured
  2. Health forms will be signed
  3. We can do at different locations and add more options to upgrade


Here is what others said:

Ophir is amazing

Workshop instructive, enlightening, invigorating, optimistic smile on his face, Stimulating, challenging, increases the path of happiness and success. Thank you.


Thanks Ophir

You remained me few things that I forgot And more importantly how to move forward and implement them forward.


The most powerful thing it your smile …. 🙂

That is when I saw you dressed in white and you smile your smile I knew you’d come save me

I read the tools that you gave me …. and I remember all the things you told me time … and most importantly I’m learning to react correct wrong behavior of others .zo My choice but to respond …. I take it slowly and build your own again and be aware of obstacles.

Ophir …. Thank you there for me driving me from slavery to freedom … gave me the tools and I use them now suddenly the pain was gone .ola those inside there and I was just beginning then what surprises await me the way I am fully expecting the “best way”

Cm. Cohen

Thank you for the joint work we have done.

We started the process that there were things I wanted and I could not bring myself to do.

Indeed, with your help, I could see my surprise, the possibility of bringing simplicity course things – actually.

Conversations helped me to be more brave and do more things once wanted but did not dare.

All of these, along with your unique personality – enabling, supportive, respectful, trustworthy, which gives me a great space for empowerment and progress. I wish you and the world that the more people will benefit from this abundance.



Here’s what they say

about us:

Ophir Akiva

CEO dune, Kibbutz Ze’elim, one space and special trips (including travel camels in the Sahara Tunisia) .morh way, Desert Survival Guide, MBA and tourism, a certified personal trainer, Major (Ret) company commander rescue unit.

Lectures and workshops specialized area.

Tens of thousands of people have already been received under the guidance and tools that create them a good life and happier.

Mohammed Walidi – Ben Desert intellectual and act Guide desert tract years, creating special projects rapprochement between peoples, led the camel trip to Jordan on Channel 2.

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