Motivational Talks

Keynote speeches – Motivational Shows – Lectures

Make your event memorable by giving your participants life changing knowledge!

We offer practical tools on a variety of topics:

  • Self-esteem, values, life-vision, and designation.
  • Setting goals, steps on the way, managing crises.
  • Animal behavior in nature and what we can learn from them.
  • Biblical heroes as inspiration for ways of taking action.
  • Tools for developing a team, managing crises, communication, marketing, and more.

Top talks:

  1. Lead like lion – nature & biblical elements to promote your life.
  2. Jewish success secrets – 10 commandments as practical boosts.
  3. Desert survival for Urban Jungle – inspirational session to overcome any crisis.
  4. Elements of war for peaceful life – IDF codes that made them the best.

What is the “Best Way Model”:

Knowing how to use the wisdom of nature and the biblical sources as practical tools for realizing your goals. Because YOU deserve more wealth, health, love, happiness in life. We are here to show you the way.

Ophir Akiva’s method and book provide a fascinating experience for people around the world, from leading organizations to focus groups and individuals that seek personal and business growth.

Talks are available in 3 main formats:

Motivational/Keynote talk– live show and interaction with the audience – drills, videos, movies.

Outdoor workshop – combining team missions, nature trails, and fascinating content.

Seminars – 1-3 days for better and longer lasting effects.


More about our top talks:

1. Lead like a lion: Leadership –from theory to practice.

  • Showing you the way to bring “high language” down to earth.
  • Giving you practical ways to take ownership of your own life in better ways
  • You get to choose the fields you want to improve – personal, family-wise, business/career, social or global.
  • You will learn how the choices you make can be the most powerful tools to direct your life towards more success and blessing.

We will deal with key values of leadership:

  • Responsibility – environmental, community, workers, suppliers, and consumers.
  • Building a vision, and ways to lead your surroundings – styles of leadership.
  • Excellence and nurturing those around you.
  • Leaders in the bible, learning from the biblical giants.
  • Leadership in extreme situations, effective crisis management.
  • Tools and exercises for developing personal and organizational abilities.
  • And a variety of other methods for developing your pathway to realizing goals.

2. The lioness within you.

Utilizing the natural feminine power that lies in you as a way of realizing your goals.

Target audience: Workers, group of friends, private parties…

  • A workshop that combines the genius of nature and provides practical tools for building success.
  • Connecting to women’s special abilities, with your personal qualities, while focusing on defining and achieving your goals.
  • A lot of humor, experiencing and knowledge that contributes to your realization – now it’s your turn.

In the workshop you will receive and learn about:

  • 7 tools for improving self-esteem
  • Setting goals and realizing your life’s purpose
  • Using female intuition as a helping tool
  • Proper management of emotion and reason
  • Dealing with crisis situations in an effective way
  • Positivity and joy as a tool for success
  • Cool exercises for improving communication and strength
  • Inspiration from women biblical characters
  • The wisdom of the animals and female power

You deserve to receive more.  This is your way to achieving your goals.

3. The Ten Commandments

Personal and business success by the biblical practical sources.

The way to receive more – love, health, recognition, joy, success…

By the implementation of the basic code that was received 3500 years ago and adopted by billions of users.

Practical tools for everyday life to build strong inner power. Gives every participant the ability to achieve any goal:

  • Connect to your divine and unique powers
  • Master the strongest tool to create miracles in your life
  • How to get more Balanced life
  • The way to be respected and gain trust
  • What you shalt do – to be creative and secure person
  • Control urges by survival tools

Combined with humor, exercises, and a lot of emotion that arises from the participants

The way to use it in your close circles that will effect millions by the Ripples

4. Rescue Teams

Building & training life-saving units.

In earthquakes and other disasters –  many lives can be saved – it is in your hands.

A must do Seminar for communities, companies and academic institutes.

What would You do at the next disaster?

A natural or man-made crisis is around the corner!

The difference between a victim or hero is very narrow – by having basic knowledge can make a huge impact

Fascinating instruction provides practical tools which can help every participant to save 10 lives and more.

Using world wide experience, and after leading units in warzones…

5 keys program you will get:

1.Confident leadership in crisis – the way to preform and activate people in money time.

2.Practical first aid – focused on common injuries by crisis type.

3.Light rescue skills – effective live saving abilities at different scenarios

4.Fire fighting – simple methods to prevent and deal with local fires

5.Krav Maga– self-defense Israeli martial art technic

From rescue to success – tools to come out stronger!