Ophir’s seminars are the best way to implement your company values and goals.

Combining the amazing tools that nature has to offer and the lessons from biblical stories, we will work hard, but in the most fun way.

Whether you are looking to reach new levels of consciousness or want to send your most valuable managers for additional leadership training, Ophir’s talks and seminars offer a fantastic opportunity for self-expansion and professional growth.

Write, practice, talk, create and get in the right mindset for success! According to your goals, we will build costumed-made seminars for you and your team. From 1 to 3 days IN or OUTDOOR we will help your team achieve more success.

Our goal is to assist people to achieve more.

Seminars Topics:

  • Leadership – the acts that got Moses & King David to be immortal leaders
  • IDF Success Secrets – elements of War and moral codes to win always.
  • Rescue teams – shaping first-response teams for life-saving in top crisis scenarios.
  • The Ten Commandments – basic elements to achieve your goals.
  • Winners Motivation – success, inspired by rescue, nature and biblical stories.
  • WLB – building more meaningful relationships, personal & professional.
  • Conflict Resolution – fight like an animal to Crisis Management.
  • The Lioness in You – feminine leadership.


Your choices have a strong power in directing your life for more success and blessing.

Combining talks, teamwork, exercise, personal vision and more, we will deal with the components of value leadership:

  • Responsibility – environmental, community, workers, suppliers, and consumers.
  • Building a vision, a way, and leading – styles of leadership
  • Excellence and nurturing those around you
  • Leaders in the Bible, learning from biblical stories
  • Leadership in extreme situations, effective crisis management
  • Tools and exercises for developing personal and organizational abilities
  • And a variety of other methods for developing your pathway to realizing goals.