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Lead like Lion Best leadership seminars, by ancient wisdom Now is your chance to get practical tools to improve personal and professional skills  Holy land Success Secrets - Leadership Seminars based on the wisdom
of survival skills and biblical stories.
A workshop to develop personal and organizational leadership skills. Learn a proven way to set and achieve your goals and get more from your team.  All workshops are combining: active participating, talk, drills, movies, music, photos and more… Seminar and lecture topics:Lead like lion – Learn from nature wisdom, Moses & King David – how to be the best. What makes leopard the most successful predator. how does wolf packs designed and why they cry? Fun active shows that take us from a chi Wawa dog state of mind to do the royal walk of life. The Ten Commandments – 3500 years old moral code is practical today to get more money, health & happiness. Use only 7% from what you will learn to 7 people that you love most. Soon you we'll see the change in your life.





 Jerusalem - virtual tour – spiritual journey – practical steps. Join us to the holiest places in the world, with the amazing daily peace between Jewish, Christians and Muslims. Follow David, Jesus and Muhamad to find your true greatness and your way to fulfill your destiny. Desert Survivalfor Urban Jungle - overcome any crisis to be a Winner at all aspect of life. Coming out from Sahara, Kalahari, Namib & holy land deserts + leading top teams at survival courses – Ophir will give you pin point accrued ways to step out from being a victim to become a strong confident person that overcome every obstacles gracefully. Rescue Team – Life saving seminar! practical knowledge and exercises to create first respond extreme situations. With the confidence you will gain and the tools that is learned – you will be able to give meaningful assistance at real time for variety of emergency scenarios. Conflict Resolution & Crisis Management - fight like an animal, live like human. This workshop will take you to the edge and back. Building confidence to overcome every crisis as a winner. IDF Elements of war & moral code – practical tools to win all battles and get peaceful life. The Israeli army consider to be the best in the world. For 2 reasons: 1. The country is under constant attacks from all around the globe. 2. We cannot afford to lose!!! Not even once! It will be the distraction of the Jewish nation. We will reveal the secrets + real case studies and how to implant it to your personal & professional success. The Lioness in You - feminine leadership – how its different and why it's better? Women make a change all over the world through history now its your tern. At a powerful exiting event you will get 10 practical tools to change your life and around. NOW IT'S YOUR TERN.  About Ophir

Workshops are delivered by Ophir Akiva, owner of "Duna" Company. Drawing from his vast life experience and positive attitude, Ophir empowers those who attend his lectures with tools and wisdom from The Bible and Nature.

Choose your topics based on what is important to you and your business/community. Some of Ophir’s credentials:Survival guide – leading outdoor workshops for companies military units Author of best seller – “Holy land success secrets endorsed by former Israeli president, Mr. Shimon PeresSpeaker – conferences, seminars, and lectures Rescue officer (IDF Major) - leading units in battlefields. Coming out from war zones, Ophir is dedicating his life bringing peace to people and communities. Happily Married + 2 kids How we do it?Lectures – engaging motivational speeches on topics of your choice Workshops – two to eight hours of indoors/outdoors activities to develop communication, trust, and confidence Seminars – two to three full days to achieve deeper, stronger and longer effect on your business, management, and communication techniques.  Who is it for? Companies seeking team building and improved management skills Community and religious leaders looking to improve communication and community cohesiveness Academic institutions hoping to enhance students’ skillset using unique indoors/outdoors seminars Conference organizers looking to add one of a kind motivational speaking session Organizations introducing a fun, challenging, and intriguing experience for any kind of event What do you achieve? More effective employees/managers/community Better conflict resolution and avoidance Lead your life to success in any field Practical ways to get better health, success, and happiness 100% value or money back - ophir is committed to give you the best Can we set the workshop topics? Sure. We will customize and tailor the topics to meet your goals or existing challenge.