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 concept: Every project is a story of pioneering vision, excellence and sustainability. It takes powerful leaders to lead a deep transformation into India’s growth and in so many vast areas for the past decades. To keep this influential legacy thrive, IL&FS believes it’s time to invest in the future leaders of the organization. The focus is on the mid-level managers being selected and groomed for senior management positions. If you looking to have a different kind of training to its future leaders. A journey that entails inner wisdom, challenging activity and connection to history and nature. We in “Natural Leadership Center”, a global and experienced leadership training organization, are excited to offer this unique proposal to hopefully partner and create a long-lasting impact and influence on the IL&FS system. Organizational needs Developing a strong leadership presence for the mid-level management to become tomorrows trusted leaders Identifying and mapping the development areas of each manager Creating strong resilience to failure without dismissing its importance to the growth of a leader Recovering from failures and coping with its impact powerfully while moving forward. Adjusting to the dynamic and changing reality of a big organization while practicing inner-stability in times of uncertainty. Developing a strategy that is clear, powerful and engaging. A strategy that is inspired by a vision and is translated to a practical plan with definite goals and objectives. Team leading capabilities: Delegation, Feedback, performance Learning how to set and achieve clear and definite goals to self and team Growing team members performance by learning how to give an effective feedback, setting targets and monitor their achievements.  Our approach for the leadership program In “Natural Leadership Center” we know that to have successful results we need to explore and work on two main aspects of our leaders: Who are they Being  What are they Doing. We use the metaphor of a Seesaw to explain that:  Being: The inner operation system that is working in everyone, where we hold our belief system, values, dreams, desires. This inner operation system also holds the fears, failures and the blocking inner-voices. All of which are creating a personality and an individual state of mind. Doing: The choice of behavior, words and communication style and the choice of actions that represents our Being. When we behave in a certain way we are choosing to manifest our Being. Both parts are important to become and act as leaders. Much like a Seesaw, we need to balance both parts, so we can adjust in the world of leaders while learning how to recover when we fall. Our proposal has been designed to thoroughly answer both. Being                                                                                                   Doing

Recommended structure: We want to give the top/middle management an experience that will challenge their Doing and encourage a new way of Being. Consequently, the experience will hone their leadership awareness and capabilities. The program will be assembled from 3-4 stages:  Stage 1-  Building strong foundation to the program Pre-work assessment, evaluation and finalizing and refining the program components. It will include conversation with parties involved to make sure the design is answering the needs of the organization.  Stage 2- The 3 leadership dimensions, 4 days in Rajasthan  In an experiential learning style, we will train the leaders on 3 leadership dimensions: Leadership from within, Leadership from other and leadership from the system. Every dimension is having a different impact on the leadership skills and capabilities. The 4 days will be made from modules building on each other. The pace of the training is high and energetic thanks to our training sequence:  

Teaching a skill        Practicing and exploring       Feedback          Deepening the Learning           Forward the action Here’s a first draft suggested proposal for the content which will be delivered. All is flexible and changeable according the specific needs which will be cleared in the pre-work. 

Day 1 Leading from withinDay 2 Leading from otherDay 3 Leading from the systemDay 4 Synergy
Introduction Program overview Design Alliance The TL role model @ IL&FS A.B.I.R        Self-assessment Failure  as a fuel to success The IDF Principles of warfare as tools to resilience  Partnerships Mapping I-GROW for team members development 3 level of listening Powerful questions “Setting a requirement” skill L.A.S.T- conflict Management relationship modelWhat is my dream for IL&FS Communication Toxins and anti-dotes Meta skill introduction Lands work exploration  Would I take you to my boat? - Looking at the lion inside My life purpose statement Strategy made by the 3 golden circles Wrap up

 Stage 3 (optional) In between stage 2-4 1/1 Zoom coaching sessions with each manager, focusing on strengths, goals and practical actions.  Stage 4 – Natural leadership experience in the Holy land 5 days in Israel: Taking the training into the field and to an outdoor experience. We help the leaders implement their Round trip in the country that combines sightseeing and leadership field experiences. Elaboration on the 5 days journey is attached to the appendix.   

ActivityDetailsCost  per unitNumber of unitsTotal
Stage 1: Pre-work assessment: Customizing and refining the programConversations with HR , Senior Leadership and Mid-Level managers 1 
Stage 2: Full day workshopActivity in Rajasthan  4 
Stage 3: Follow up sessions* (optional yet recommended)60 min Per person280-320$ Number of participants 
Stage 4: Natural leadership experience in the Holy landActivity in Israel  5-6

 *Price is for the facilitation preparation and delivery, all other costs such as travel, accommodation are not included. *The Price for the Israeli journey is covering all costs. Leadership seminar in Israel  


Concept: Travel. Learn. Act. Following the ancient wisdom and places that effected the world, learning from the great historical leaders. A perfect combination between touring to inspiring sites + advanced leadership workshops IN/OUT door.  At part 2 of training program for middle level managers we will perform 'miracles' by motivating people to achieve common goals in most effective way.     3 days program: Day 1 – all inWelcome ceremony + short tour Jaffa old city 4000 years of leadership Secret service drill to find exit point to next stage Stay cool – Krav Maga experience – to be focused on targetsFly to hell – helicopter mission instillation to the middle of the desert  Lead from survival to success – walk, drills and important leasoons Diner – survival/advanced styleSolo experience –talk around the fire day 2 – GETAWAY rise to the highest pick leadership missions by nature wisdom – navigate, crisis management, team building, goal setting to practical steps by 4 elements of survival. Oasis – fun time at hidden desert spring Bike/ATV/helicopter ride out Dead sea boat & swim Night at kibuts/biankini    Day 3 - rise to your destinyQsar el yahud – crossing point of Joshua and Jesus to their greatness Jerusalem – from David to you – walk the city that saw it all – get the tools that will assist your way.Follow the footprints of giants through all amazing sites at 4 quarters of the cityTop of the Top – get to Temple mount most holy & sensitive place in the worldLunchKneset – closing session and ceremony at the Israeli parliament   5 days program:Day 1 – launch  Welcome ceremony + short tour Jaffa old city Jaffa – short tour through 4000 years of history and legends Re Framing – orientation talk' goal setting and program details. at the hotel Lead without leading – mosad drill at the city     Day 2 - Get up – going north to where things started Carmel mountain – Elisha miracle against all odds Arbel cliffs – source of wheat to the world. Coulters Battelle field Follow Jesus – churches at sea of galilee Horses workshop – strong and gentile. leadership styles Dinner at hotel Evening session Day 3 dead sea Qsar el yahud – Jordan river cross point & jesus baftizing placeMasada – stand alone Lunch & swim at the dead seaGrowing your power sources – workshop at the hotelDinnerEvening session    Day 4 – bible & survival workshopDavid ben Gurion tomb vision to action, at Abraham Zin Desert Hike into the desert with leadership drills, survival skills and a lot of practical tools for better abilities to motivate people to common mission. Building together – setting the camp, cooking in the wild.

Solo experience – out alone at desert night – mindset.Night session  Day 5 – UP

'Akev pick' - climbing together to the highest mountain.Getaway – survival navigation skills for crisis management.Deep – fun swim at the best desert spring. Ein Akev Move on – Jeep/bike ride out of the desert Drive to JerusalemDinner Evening session  Day 6 Jerusalem  10 commandments - Old city tour to build your own temple by the ancient code.  LunchFinal sessionGraduation ceremony         

 Tours detailsJaffa -Tel Aviv tour -  Drive around the main streets of Tel Aviv, center of business and entertainment of Israel. Continue to Old Jaffa, an 8000 year old port city; Visit the ancient city following the le and walk along the restored artist's quarter. Galilee Day Tour Plan This Galilee tour will take you on a spiritual route through the biblical scenes of the Galilee region. On our way we will visit some of the holiest Christian sites in the world including Carmel mountain, Capernaum, Sea of Galilee and more. The following sites are included in our Nazareth Galilee tour: 

  • Capernaum - The place where Christ lived and where he performed his first fish and loaves miracle.
  • Sea of Galilee - The magnificent Galilee lake, with its biblical views. The place where according to the new testimony Jesus walked on water.

 Departing from Tel Aviv we will drive through the costal road to Muhraka – Elijah greatest miracle place.  We will then head towards the magnificent views of the Lake of Galilee (Lake Kineret) and the old Roman city of Tiberias.
Our day trip of northern Israel will go on with a visit to Capernaum with its well-preserved ruins of an 2000 years old Jewish synagogue. Tabgha, the site of the fish and loaves miracle at the foot of the Golan Heights will be next. Masada and the Dead Sea Area Early morning departure to the Dead Sea area. Travel south through the Judean Wilderness – a place of refuge and shelter for Jews since time immemorial. Arrive at Masada. Ascend the cliff top fortress. As you explore the ancient remains of fortifications, King Herod’s palaces, storerooms and baths, you will hear about the spirit of its last Jewish Flavius Silva and chose to die as free men at their own hands in preference to Roman slavery. From the top of Masada, the outlines of the Roman encampments are still visible below. Descend by cable car or by foot via the old Roman Ramp or snake path. Continue along the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, and arrive at a lovely hotel, located on the shores of the Dead Sea. Here have lunch and enjoy a swim in the hotel’s swimming pool or go down to their private beach to experience a therapeutic dip in the Dead Sea. Let the buoyant waters support you as you relax on your back and think of nothing else by the sea and salt all around you. Stop off at the desert oasis of Ein Gedi with its lush greenery and cool waterfalls. Appreciate the unique and flourishing flora and fauna of this area and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a few beautiful Ibex and Orex hiding in the surrounding mountains. Hike deeper into the desert oasis to see a cascading waterfall in all its natural beauty. This is the place where King David hid from King Saul during Biblical times.  

Bible & Survival workshop 2 days  get tools to improve: Self-esteem and respect Following basic values in modern ways  taking responsibility goal setting and attainment Positive Communication in the family Crisis Management Our teachers: wolves and leopards, Abraham, rescue methods, survival technics, trees, David King and more We share proven methods that each participant get content format that can be replicate for solid career success, love, health, happiness, prosperity and live in peace with himself and his surroundings.  Journey itinerary Day 1 

Workshop combines walking, exercises and content has territory targeting GSM team building and outlines action, crisis management for success Towards sunset arrival to camp and building tents together preparing and eating dinner. night Exercise End crystallized around the campfire Day 2  Up at sunrise time   climbing the highest peak in the area.  A combination of desert survival drills and knowledge for target focus and achieving results.  Overcoming life challenges.  find the way -  Personal navigation to the camp while collecting tools path  Father son talk - vision writing and for your family  Lion of Judah - strengthening the way and the spirit good meal Analysis and Conclusion: Compound Area will gather to target practical ways to implement in our lives. From motivation to action.   The Old City of Jerusalem Start with an overview of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Stop at Mount Zion, flanked on one side by the wall of the Old City. Through a medieval construction and small courtyard reach King David's tomb, which is made of stone and carries silver crowns of the Torah. Also visit the Hall of the Last Supper where it is said Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. Enter through one of the famous gates and walk through the Old City, the axis around which the three great monotheistic religions revolve. View the Christian, and reconstructed Jewish quarters. Tour the Jewish Quarter that was reconstructed after the city was unified at the conclusion of the Six-Day War in 1967. A special point of interest in the restored Jewish Quarter is the "Cardo", meaning the "heart" of this ancient Byzantine City. View the unearthed main Roman thoroughfare and ancient marketplace lined with columns. Then by the stairway down to the holy Western Wall - the "Kotel". Take time for a moment’s prayer at the holy Western Wall, and follow the tradition of many from around the world that placed their prayers in the cracks of the wall. Near the Western Wall view the archaeological discoveries excavated in a vast, concealed tunnel along the Western Wall. Inside, a most interesting model shows the different dwelling periods and history of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. In the Christian Quarter walk along the Via Dolorosa. Following the Stations of the Cross arrive to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher the place of the crucifixion and the tomb of Christ. You will certainly enjoy, winding through the narrow, busy streets, and colorful Bazaars filled with small shops selling bric-a-brac, souvenirs, fragrant spices, rugs, jewelry and pottery.   Lunch – mid. East oriental food at the city/Arab village. Ground services includes – accommodation, transports, full board meals, insurance at high level with staff member always ready to assist at any request.   Main instructors Ophir Akiva

owner of "Duna" Company. Drawing from his vast life experience and positive attitude, Ophir empowers those who attend his lectures with tools and wisdom from The Bible and Nature. His way is to let you Choose the topics based on what is important to you and your business/community. Some of Ophir’s credentials: 

  • Survival guide – leading outdoor workshops for company's military units
  • Author of best seller – “Holy land success secrets endorsed by

    Israel presidents - Mr. Shimon Peres & Rubie Rivlin  

  • Speaker – conferences, seminars, and lectures
  • Radio host – weekly show with best mentors
  • Rescue officer (IDF Major) - leading units in battlefields.
  • Coming out from war zones, Ophir is dedicating his life bringing

    peace to people and communities. 

  • Happily Married + 2 kids

 Yara Ben Chaim Senior facilitator for “Natural Leadership Center” Yara has extensive experience with coaching, training and developing leadership skills, working with CEOs, Presidents, Politicians, Businesses and organizations. Her ability to coach and implement new sets of leadership skills has made her a successful change agent for many businesses. She comes from 3 different worlds as personal secretary at the Prime Minister’s office in Israel, a TV journalist at the international news channel 10 and as a coach and trainer. Yara is on the Faculty of the world-leading coaching and leadership institute CTI (coaches training institute) and has successfully built an international coaching and training practice during the past 15 years. What she brings to her trainees and her clients alike, is a mix of professionalism and heart, enabling them to boldly take the next step in their personal and professional development. Her vision is one of a workplace that is infused by leadership and a true sense of fulfillment. With that intent she is regularly asked to work with high-level leaders in governmental administration and senior management of global and local organizations. Yara has been a Co-Active certified coach (CPCC) for over 13 years, and continues to invest in her professional development, in order to bring her clients a wide variety of skills to support their growth. She is a SIL certified trainer (Situational Leadership by Blanchard), a graduate of the CTI leadership program, and has been trained in the fields of NLP, Psycho-Drama, Voice therapy and Relationship coaching (specializing in teams and organizations). Yara holds a PCC certificate with the International Coach Federation.